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Escape Canton was founded as a side project of the Factory of Terror Haunted House in the summer of 2015. We began with just two rooms, Jail Escape and The Safehouse, which we debuted at the Stark County Fair in September of that year. Our first 60-minute room, Outbreak, was added in late 2015, soon to be joined by The Cursed Tomb and Serial Killer in the early part of 2016. The Heist debuted a little later, rounding out our highest slate of six rooms. Outbreak was remodeled/revamped in early 2018, and Jail Escape and The Safehouse were retired in the winter of 2017/2018, bringing us to our current total of 4 rooms.

​Our highly-trained and excited staff consists of several Factory of Terror employees, along with a few who work solely for Escape Canton. We love working here and wish to extend that joy to all of our guests.

​The future looks bright for Escape Canton. This year we plan to expand some of our current rooms as well as add some new. It's getting exciting around here.

4125 Mahoning Rd. NE
Canton / Ohio