NEW for 2018! Newly renovated room, multiple “rooms”, new clue streams.


As part of the CDC’s Rapid Response Team, you get a call that an abandoned bio research facility has been operating illegally.  Dr. Eli H. Folkenroth has been attempting to create a serum to treat an incurable illness, of which he also suffers. While in the process of synthesizing the chemical compound, he found that the serum was much more dangerous than what he had originally anticipated. The mixture did not cure anything, but instead changed the living test subjects into flesh-eating zombies. After more tests with new subjects, the result remained unchanged.

Now, Dr. Folkenroth has turned his desire for curing the sick into an evil plot to ruin the world and to make everyone suffer like he has for years. You are the world’s only hope to foil his plan. Your team has just 60 minutes to deactivate the mixing boilers before they can no longer contain the volatile serum and explode. Then, figure out how to break through the security system and free yourselves before it’s too late.

(NOTE: Weekends (Friday-Saturday, some Thursdays) from mid-September to early November every year, participants in Outbreak will have to walk through the middle of the Factory of Terror Haunted House in order to reach their escape rooms.  They will also hear the sounds of the haunted house around them as they play their games.  If this is an issue for anyone in your group, we advise you to avoid booking on nights where the Factory is open, or book on Sundays during the day.)





60 mins


4-10 players