60 minutes, 4-10 players, 8/10 difficulty | $25/person

While in for an interview at the local bio-chemical research lab, you discover that an outbreak of chemically created zombies has occured there! You suddenly find yourselves locked in the boiler room with a former member of the research team.  Will your team make it out or become infected?


60 minutes, 4-10 players, 9/10 difficulty | $25/person

You’ve teamed up with a disgruntled former employee of a bank in order to pull off the heist of the century.  Using clues left behind by another accomplice, a current employee on the inside, it’s up to you and your team to escape with the haul big enough to set you all up for life.  Can you pull it off before bank security guards find you out and you end up in prison?


45 minutes, 2-8 players, 9/10 difficulty | $20/person

Your group has, unfortunately, been kidnapped by a notorious serial killer known only as “Mike.” He takes you back to his secret lair, then leaves for a short while. Unbeknownst to Mike, a former victim escaped his lair and left clues behind to help future detainees. Can you find them all & escape before Mike returns to finish the job?


30 minutes, 2-8 players, 7/10 difficulty | $17pp

You and your team of archaeologists stumble across the discovery of a lifetime... a hidden Mayan tomb. One of your group triggers ancient hidden traps intended to entrap potential tomb thieves forever. With the main entrance blocked, and only 30 minutes of oxygen left, will you find your way out, or become part of the tomb forever?


30 minutes, 2-8 players, 7/10 difficulty | $17pp

While traveling through a small town, you get yourselves tossed in the slammer by the fanatical Sheriff for a crime you did not commit. Break out of his jailhouse before you become part of the town’s dark little secret. Escaping from jail is hard enough, can your team do it in just 30 minutes?


30 minutes, 2-8 players, 6/10 difficulty | $17pp

You and your friends take refuge inside a dilapidated old house during the zombie apocalypse. However, you soon realize that this safehouse is not so safe. Crack the codes to call for your extraction before the horde of zombies arrives on your doorstep and destroys the house. Will you make it out in time, or will you become zombie chow?


15 minutes, 2-4 players, 8/10 difficulty | $10pp

You come across an abandoned ambulance in a back alley. Upon further inspection, you find that the ambulance has been rigged to explode and it won't be just any explosion... it's a nuclear device!  Can you find the clues left by the sadistic bombers and diffuse it in time?

TO BOOK FALLOUT FOR YOUR EVENT - Call 330-536-3327 or email escapecanton@gmail.com.  Minimum booking is 2 hours, maximum is 8 hours.  PRICING:  2 hours - $300, 4 hours - $550, 6 hours - $750, 8 hours - $1000.  Radius of 20 miles outside of Escape Canton is FREE.  Above 20 miles away, add $1.00 per mile over 20 miles.