60 minutes, 4-10 players, 8/10 difficulty | $25/person

While working at the local bio-chemical research lab, an outbreak of chemically created zombies occurs! You suddenly realize that locking yourselves in the boiler room to escape the research team wasn’t the best idea….  Will your team make it or become infected by the live zombie in the room?


60 minutes, 4-10 players, 9/10 difficulty | $25/person

Your team finds yourselves as accomplices to a jewel heist. What seems like your average robbery quickly takes a turn for the worse when you learn your team can’t trust their new business partner. Escape the vault before you suffer the same fate as his last partner in crime.


45 minutes, 2-8 players, 9/10 difficulty | $20/person

Your car breaks down along a deserted road. With no cell service, you decide to walk to the closest house. Mike, the seemingly normal owner, invites you in. Unfortunately for you, Mike is a psychopathic serial killer. He locks you into his murder dungeon and leaves on a search for more victims. Your only chance for survival is to find your way out while he’s gone. Because, when he returns, a painful death surely awaits.


30 minutes, 2-8 players, 7/10 difficulty | $17pp

You are a team of archaeologists that stumble across the discovery of a lifetime in a hidden ancient Mayan tomb. Little does your team know, within these tomb walls, ancient dangers lie in wait. You find yourselves trapped, and must now find your way out before you run out of air. Will these discoveries become your success, or will you become a part of this tomb forever?


30 minutes, 2-8 players, 7/10 difficulty | $17pp

While traveling through a small town, you get yourselves tossed in the slammer by a small town Sheriff. Break out of this jailhouse before you become part of the town’s dark little secret. Can you do it in under 30 minutes?


30 minutes, 2-8 players, 6/10 difficulty | $17pp

You and your friends take refuge inside a mobile home to avoid becoming a human buffet for a horde of zombies. But, this safe house isn’t as safe as you’d hoped. Crack the codes to call for your extraction before the zombies arrive on your doorstep and overtake the home.