STEP 1:  Go to

STEP 2:  Click "Book Now" then "Buy Tickets"

STEP 3a:  Either click on the calendar on the orange date for which you would like to buy tickets.

OR - STEP 3b:  Choose the room you'd like to play and click the orange "Get Tickets" button under that room.

STEP 4a:  Choose the room & time slot that you would like to buy, and click "Buy Tickets." (Note: There may be multiple pages of rooms/times. Use the Prev/Next buttons to view more)

STEP 4b:  Use the drop-down menu to choose the day for which you'd like to buy tickets. THEN, choose your time slot for that day and click "Buy Tickets."

STEP 5:  Choose your ticket quantity.  Enter your name in the field to accept our refund/cancellation conditions.  Complete the CAPTCHA to confirm you're not a robot, and click "Add to Cart"

STEP 6:  Enter the name(s) of all players for which you are buying tickets, then click "Submit."

STEP 7:  Double-check all names entered (If you make any changes, just hit update after making them, then continue on), and your room, time, and date information.  Click "Checkout."

STEP 8:  (If you have no promo code to enter, move on to Step 9).  Enter the promo code in the appropriate blank, then click "Submit."

STEP 9:  Enter all payment information (you have 9 minutes to finish this page before the tickets are released and you have to start over.)  Double-check all pertinent information once more, then click "PURCHASE."


You're now ready to experience ESCAPE CANTON.  Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time.